3D LED dance floor for wedding

        Modern technologies such as drones and projectors have taken the wedding world by storm and their popularity is only expected to grow. This last one may come as a surprise: the word “projector” is often associated with taking notes in class or watching movies on a big screen. However, wedding vendors are using this decades-old device in entirely new ways.
        We have exclusive ideas on how to use a projector to bring your grand vision to life. Whether you go all out to create a personalized fantasy setting or use it to spread your love story, the following ideas will wow your guests.
        The biggest advancement is projection mapping, which originated at Disneyland and General Electric. High-definition images and video can be projected onto the walls and ceilings of virtually any event space, transforming it into a completely different and unique environment (no 3D glasses required). You can take your guests to any city or picturesque place in the world without leaving your room.
        “Projection mapping provides a visual journey that can’t be achieved with static wedding backdrops,” says Ariel Glassman of the award-winning Temple House in Miami Beach, which specializes in the technology. She recommends leaving it unused at the start of the evening so guests can enjoy the natural architecture of the space. For maximum effect, time the projection to coincide with key moments in your wedding (for example, before walking down the aisle or during the first dance). Here are a few different examples of creating an immersive environment using video:
        Instead of spending tens of thousands of dollars on flowers that will be thrown away the next day, you can achieve a similar effect for less money by projecting floral decorations onto your walls. This wedding at The Temple House featured a stunning woodland scene. As the bride walks down the aisle, rose petals seem to fall from the sky thanks to the magic of motion graphics.
       After the reception turned the room around, the couple decided to continue with some gorgeous floral scenes before the dancing began, and then the visuals became more abstract and interesting.
        This bride used Monet’s paintings as inspiration for her reception decor at New York’s Waldorf Astoria Hotel. Bentley Meeker of Bentley Meeker Lighting Staging, Inc. says: “Even on the quietest days there is energy and life all around us. We create a magical environment by making the willows and water lilies move very, very slowly in the afternoon breeze. A sense of slowness.”
        Kevin Dennis of Fantasy Sound says, “If you’re hosting a cocktail party and reception in the same space, you can incorporate video mapping so that the scenery and mood change as you move from one part of the celebration to the next.” Services. For example, in this wedding planned by Sandy Espinosa of Twenty7 Events at Temple House, a gold textured backdrop for the dinner turned into a shimmering starry sky curtain for the mother-son dance party.
        Use accent projection display to draw attention to specific wedding details such as plates, dresses, cakes, etc., where site-specific content is played through low-profile projectors. Disney’s Fairytale Weddings and Honeymoons offers cakes that use this technology so couples can tell an animated story through their dessert and become a magical centerpiece of the reception.
        Couples can also create their own projections using their own images or videos. For example, the couple’s wedding was inspired by the phrase “The best day ever” from the movie “Tangled.” They included the phrase not only on the cake, but also in the aisles, reception decorations, dance floor and custom Snapchat filters.
        Bring attention to the highlights of your wedding celebration with an interactive walkway or audio show that repeats your vows. “For the ceremony pictured below, motion-sensing cameras were pointed down the aisle and programmed to drag flowers to the bride’s feet, adding a sense of mystery and wonder,” says Ira Levy of Levy NYC Design & Production. “With their elegance and subtle movement, the interactive projections blend seamlessly with the wedding setting. Time-lapse photography is key to not distracting from event planning and design,” he adds.
        Make a strong statement by displaying an interactive seating chart or guest book as guests enter the reception. “Guests can tap their name and it will show them where it is on the decorating floor plan. You can even take it a step further and direct them to a digital guest book so they can sign or allow them to record a short video message,” says Jacob. , said the Jacob Co. DJ.
        Before your first dance, watch a slideshow or video of the day covering the highlights. “Emotion will resonate throughout the room when the bride and groom see the first professional photo or video clip of themselves on their big day. Often, guests’ jaws will drop and they’ll wonder what that shot is all about. How quickly can you upload those images?” ” said Jimmy Chan of Pixelicious Wedding Photography. Unlike a family photo collage, the quality of the content is much higher and guests will be able to see something new and unexpected. You can coordinate with your DJ/videographer to play your favorite songs.
        LoveStoriesTV’s Rachel Jo Silver said: “We’ve heard from many filmmakers that love story videos, where couples talk directly to camera about their relationship, are becoming increasingly popular. Including how they met, fell in love and got engaged.” Discuss with your videographer the possibility of shooting this type of video several months before the wedding in addition to traditional wedding day recording. Watch Alyssa and Ethan’s Love Story from Capstone Films on LoveStoriesTV, the place to watch and share wedding videos. Or immerse your guests by projecting a classic black and white movie based on your favorite fictional love story, like Casablanca or Roman Holiday, onto a large white wall.
        Engage your guests. “Create an Instagram hashtag for your wedding and use it to collect photos to display on the projector,” says Claire Kiami of One Fine Day Events. Other interesting options include projecting GoPro footage throughout the celebration or collecting wedding tips from guests before or during the event. If you are planning to set up a photo booth, you can also connect a projector to it so that everyone in the party can see the photo instantly.

Post time: Dec-15-2023